Answer any question

Jut unifies all your operational data (logs, metrics, and events) in one platform providing real-time correlation. All your data coupled with Jut's powerful analytics empowers you to answer any question.

Correlate everything in real-time

Instantly discover how all the parts of your software operations are working together. For example, see how a code deployment is affecting your system performance, log error codes, or user sign-up rates.

"Jut is the most flexible operational analytics system I’ve seen. With Jut there are no dead ends."
John Kodumal
CTO, Launch Darkly

Analytics to answer anything

Built using dataflow technology, Jut's analytics and visualization layer delivers unmatched flexibility, allowing users to treat their analytics as code.

Dataflow is a faster way to smarter answers. It lets you assemble modular components to create streaming analytics.

"Jut's language gives me a way to run complex, ad-hoc queries on our data to see what's going on in real time without spending hours putting together map-reduce jobs.”
Laurie Voss
CTO & Co-Founder, NPM

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